Sicangu Lakota Youth Center

120 South Main Street
PO BOX 1234
Mission SD 57555

          Commitment to our youth!

 The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center is located in the heart of the Rosebud Reservation. Our geographical location in the city of Mission is an advantage to the community and population that we are striving to serve.  We are located just six city blocks from the Todd County High School/Middle School and the only Native American dormitory for students on the Rosebud Reservation. Contact the program Administrator or check out our upcoming events for more information. 

The Sicangu Lakota Youth services provide culture, leadership development, career related learning, suicide prevention and other worthwhile opportunities with an emphasis on making them available to all transitioning middle and high school youth.  Youth recieving the services will have the power and resources to realize whatever dreams or goals they may set for themselves.

Goal 1: Suicide Intervention/Prevention Services

American Indian and Alaska Native youth 15 to 24 years old are committing suicide at a rate more than three times the national average for their age group of 13 per 100,000 people, according to the surgeon general.  Often, one suicide leads to another. For these youth, suicide

has become the second-leading cause of death (after accidents).  In the Great Plains, the suicide rate among Indian youth is the worst: 10 times the national average.

 Goal 2: Drop-out prevention

Secondary Education American Indian and Alaska Native students enroll and graduate from college. On average the graduation rates for American Indians and Alaska Natives (46.6 percent) were lower than the graduation rates for all other racial/ethnic groups, including Whites (69.8 percent), Asians (77.9 percent), Blacks (54.7 percent) and Hispanics (50.8 percent). The Todd County School District has a 60 percent drop-out rate.

Low high school graduation rates mean few Native

Goal 3: Cultural Presevation

The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center volunteers provide an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment while being a reliable and stable platform for growing, learning and building the necessary skills to preserve and pass on our rich history, culture and traditions.  The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center services enables Native learners to become contributing members of their communities and is dedicated to enhancing and expanding the knowledge and virtue of our Native youth.


The current services delivered at the Sicangu Lakota Youth Center include:


Culinary Arts – Physical wellness, prevention and intervention services, work experiences, team building, fund raising opportunities.

 Mentoring Youth Apprentices Youth apprenticeships are opportunities for youth to start preparing for a career while still in high school.  The mentors will provide students with a career pathway that leads to a choice of employment or higher education.  The SLYC will help build character in our youth by providing positive mentoring through traditional one-to-one matching and a variety of on-site based programs.  Volunteers will be monitored and established through the SLYC program.  The Apprentice / Intern program will provide students with career guidance and the skills they will need to obtain a job

 Supporting Tribal Youth in Knowledge and Success – High School Retention /Secondary Education, educational support, Shoes for the Rez project, project supplies school shoes, back packs, flash drive, calculator, water bottle for transitioning middle school students for their first day of school.

Sunka Wakan - Lakota cultural Arts programs, Mental Health Services, Equine Therapy. Day rides and camps, alcohol prevention/intervention curriculum, Cultural presentations, critical thinking, self reflection, team building, confidence building, and trained equine horses for every level, on site instruction

Sicangu Pride – intervention service, beautification clean-up project, service learning, and team building. Services are delivered during the spring, summer and fall months. SLYC choose community use areas where clean up is needed. Services include Lakota mural project.

Safe Place – teen store, clothing, drop in services,recreation services, one on one programming, warm and caring environment for homeless and street-involved youth, successful reentering into family life.

Programs are offered to give youth an outlet for creative expression by which they can begin to bring meaning and security back into their lives. Mental Health services

Traditional Art & Culture Program- Lakota horse regalia as well as youth dance regalia will be developed over this project year. Art classes are led by an artist-in-residence, amateur artists, and tribal elders from the local community.


               EXPANDED SERVICES COMING SOON - CULTURAL ART CENTER - ground breaking JUNE 2016